The aim of the Corporation is to provide for the welfare and economic uplift of the ex-servicemen of the State.


The functions of the Corporation as given under Section 15(2) of the Act are:

To plan, promote and undertake, on its own or in collaboration with or through such ex-servicemen Organisations or other agencies as may be approved by the Corporation, programme of agriculture development, marketing, processing, supply and storage of agriculture produce, small-scale industry, building construction, transport and such other business, trade or activity as may be approved in this behalf by the Government.

To provide financial assistance to ex-servicemen or their organisations by advancing to them in cash or in kind loans including loans under hire-purchase system for any of the purpose specified in clause (i) either directly through such agency, organisation or institution as may be approved by it ;

To give on hire agricultural or industrial machinery or equipment to ex-servicemen or their organisations;

To give grants and subsidies to, and to guarantee loans taken by, the ex-servicemen or their organisations;

To discharge such other functions as may be prescribed or as are supplemental, incidental or consequential to any of the functions conferred on it under this Act.